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Since the foundation of Hunan Huda Sunjoy Vehicle Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd. in January 2001, it had turned from the beginning of “high efficiency, high quality and high starting point” to the later “products, management and enterprise have a higher grade”. By growing up step by step, It is also in the process of innovation and change of technological development that forms the unique corporate culture of Sunjoy.
The cultural outlook of Sunjoy of “accurate design, precision manufacturing and fine management” combines the business development goals with personal value pursuit perfectly.

The core value of integrity, responsibility, development and sharing is the essence of business operation and the basic principle of lasting business and sustainable development;
Diligence & progressiveness, seriousness & integrity, steadiness and practicability are the work style of Sunjoy for struggling and striving for excellence.
First education then development is the talent philosophy that Sunjoy adheres to cultivating first-class talents;

It is customer-oriented and pursuing excellent brand concept. The whole process from product design, development, manufacturing and later sales and after-sales should establish the values defined by customers, establishing the concept that the next step is the customer of the previous step. Every work performance should reflect the idea of customer reviews, achieve the principle of customer first, create exquisite products and provide high-quality services to obtain higher customer satisfaction and reflect its wholehearted care to customers.
Vision: Sunjoy adheres to the enterprise spirit of “pursuing the best management to provide the best technology and services for customers and sharing the development achievements with employees and making the best contribution to the society” and the quality revitalization strategy of “products, management and enterprises go to a higher grade”. Sunjoy is determined to create a first-class enterprise integrating with design and manufacturing in the core technology of automobile body-in-white metal forming depending on first-class talents next 3-5 years with its target on domestic and international markets.
Meaning of factory logo:
The logo is constituted with the initial letter of “Sunjoy” “S” and the oval shape of the logo marking the business intelligence. Its right is imaginary and right is real. With the integrations of imagination and reality, it also contains the traditional philosophical prospect. The technique of the logo is modern and fashionable with international vision, becoming a symbolic work combining Chinese and western aesthetics.

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